About Ilha Grande

General data

Ilha Grande is the largest island in the state of Rio de Janeiro and the sixth largest maritime island in Brazil. It has an area of ​​193 km², with rugged and mountainous relief, whose highest elevations are Pico da Pedra D'Água (1,031 meters) and Pico do Papagaio (982 meters), the latter being the most famous, due to its picturesque shape. The coasts of the island are cut by numerous peninsulas and inlets (sacks), forming several beaches. The environmental systems are formed by the Atlantic Forest, mangrove and restinga, and have exceptional value for their biodiversity.

The main village is Vila do Abraão, with approximately 3,000 inhabitants, where most of the island's infrastructure is concentrated, such as a health center, primary school, post office and detachments of the Fire Department and Military Police. A daily ferry service connects Vila do Abraão with Angra dos Reis and Mangaratiba, on the mainland. The village also has a wide range of inns, campsites, bars, restaurants and shops for tourists. There are some other small communities scattered around the island, also equipped with tourist infrastructure, such as Praia Vermelha, Enseada do Bananal and Praia do Japariz.

Economic activities revolve around fishing and, mainly, tourism. The island currently offers many tourist alternatives: boat trips, beaches with calm waters for family diving, beaches for sports such as surfing, ecological trails through the forest to the center of the island, mountain-biking, in addition to some historic attractions.

There are 4 environmental conservation units on the island: the Ilha Grande State Park, the Aventureiro Marine State Park, the Praia do Sul State Biological Reserve (access to which is only allowed to researchers and persons authorized by the State Institute for the Environment (Inea) and the Tamoios Environmental Protection Area (APA) All these areas aim to ensure the protection of the flora and fauna of the large Atlantic Forest reserve on the island and the marine life in its surroundings.