Transfer by Boat

Our inn is located in Enseada do Bananal, between the blue and green lagoons, facing the islands of Angra, we are not located in Abraão, in this case avoid taking any route that is not to ENSEADA DO BANANAL, never, ever enter through Conceição , Mangaratiba or Abraão, this will result in the need to charter a taxi boat to our inn, which in turn is an absurdly expensive service.

Our route is made solely and exclusively through ANGRA DOS REIS, an old tourist pier next to the BR station, see map, schedules from Monday to Friday. The Pousada provides guests with a check-in and check-out boat transfer at the following times:

13:00 -( Old Tourism Pier of Angra dos Reis, next to Post BR)

12:00 pm - Pousada Recanto dos Lima – Angra dos Reis: The value of this transfer by boat is R$ 60.00 per person each way and has to be booked in advance, minimum of 5 people paying for this pricing, if we have fewer passengers it will be charged a value of R$ 300.00 per segment for the whole family.


2 pm - SANKAY boat (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) or SOFMAR (Tuesday and Thursday) - average trip of 1:30h - R$ 50.00 per person

14:30 - Boat BUIU, on Saturdays 12:00h

appointment 24 9 99475283 (whatsapp) / 24 33650756

Parking MB 24 998348174 or Father and Son 24 99289 9666

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