Praia de Matariz

Matariz is one of the most important beaches on the northwest coast of Ilha Grande. Located just over 1 kilometer south of Bananal beach. It is about 300 meters long, has two streams (one at each end) and mangrove areas. At the southern end, the beach ends in a large rock that is one of Matariz's natural highlights. Its calm and clear waters complete a very beautiful setting for both the sea and the mountain, where the imposing peak of Matariz is located. Between the beach and the mountain there is an extensive flat area where the dwellings are located.

The village has a small structure that supports residents and tourists, such as: Health Center, Bar in front of the Sea, Small Bakery, Place that sells homemade food, 3 Churches (1 Catholic and 2 Evangelicals) and several pubs. Remembering that within the village itself there is the possibility of hiring nautical services with a variety of vessels, whether taxi boats, speedboats or even trawlers.